Easter Is Coming

April 17, 2022 is Easter Sunday, the day we celebrate our risen savior, Jesus Christ. Join us at Midway Church in Pilot Point Texas at 6:00 pm Saturday, 16 April, or 8:00, 9:30, or 11:00 am on 17 April. Come one come all.

Or, you can attend a church near you.

Doctors only PRACTICE Medicine

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to visit our new hospital’s emergency room. It was very informative. I woke up Friday morning with NO balance and vomiting about every half hour. After a day of this, my wife dragged me to emergency. They took an MRI, ran test, took blood and urine and generally fussed over me.

In the end, at about 2 in the morning Saturday, they announced that they could find no reason for my maladies and sent me home. That is when I realized they are just PRACTICING. They don’t really know.

Medicine has become a ‘rule out’ game. They ‘ruled out’ a stroke with the MRI. They ‘ruled out’ other issues with the blood and urine. They labeled my a “FALL RISK” and let me go…how reassuring.

On Monday I went to see my primary doctor. Whether or not it was right I don’t know, but she suggested I had experienced a vertigo event. Finally, an answer…an answer that may have said no more that “I’m just PRACTICING medicine…

An aside: What do you call the person that graduated at the bottom for their medical schools class…Doctor!