50% Divorce Rate?

Recently I have been reading a new book by Shaunti Feldhahn called

‘The Good New About Marriage’.

I have to say there is really Good News for sure. We have been told for decades now that the divorce rate is 50%. Well, it turn out that 50% is a PROJECTION of what the rate should be if the conditions that occurred in the ’80s held true. They have not. The divorce rate has actually declined since its peak in the early ’80s.

The real divorce rate is something much closer to 15%…15%! Wow that is really good news. AND if a couple is in a troubled marriage, the single most exciting thing that can save that marriage is HOPE. Not hope by both parties, but just one of them.

What’s more, almost 80% of those marriages are HAPPY. Happily married people are more likely to stay married.

More factoids and info as I get further through the book…

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